Kentuck Derby Limited Edition Design

Y'allsome will be launching a limited edition Kentucky Derby design. Inventory will be limited and we are giving our existing customers the chance to score one before they are released to the general public.

If you're a fan of the Kentucky Derby and want first dibs on our totally Y'allsome design, please complete the form below to receive early access on April 19th at 7 am EST.

Size Chart

This is the default size chart - replace this text with your size chart or if you would like to show a different, specific size charts for a product you need to tag the product with a particular tag

For example, if I had a size chart for hats I would first create a page called "Hat Sizes" I would then tag the products that would use this size chat with this "meta-size-chart-hat-sizes"

The tag needs to start with "meta-size-chart-" and then followed by the page handle in this example "-hat-sizes"

Remember to select "none" on the theme settings if you making use of multiple size charts.